Best Boat Rentals: Beach Bum Boat Rentals

Beach Bum Boat Rentals It’s true that St. Thomas is a US territory, but just a stone’s throw away are the British Virgin Islands. Literally 10 minutes by boat, the British Virgin Islands are the most incredibly beautiful chain of islands anywhere, and they’re all very different. The best way to get there is on a boat from Beach Bum Boat Rentals.  Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands (there are about 60 total), but is home to the world’s best beach bars and most gorgeous beaches. The best way to get to these islands is by boat.  Rent aRead more »

Best Attraction-Coral World Marine Park

Coral World Coral World’s slogan, “get up close and personal” couldn’t be more appropriate. This marine park and underwater observatory is a wonderful and unexpected surprise. Coral World is built on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful coral reefs, so you’ll see tons of marine life without ever getting wet. Coral World The exhibits at Coral World are unique and interactive. Visit the shark pool where you can pet a shark or hand feed a stingray. Visit with the Lorikeets–small parakeet-like birds–that will sit on your arm or shoulder when offered a cup of nectar. If you really want to interact withRead more »

Best Attraction-99 Steps

99 Steps A trip to one of St. Thomas’ most famous landmarks, 99 Steps, is a work out that will get your heart pumping and your quads sore! The entrance to 99 Steps is located between Hotel 1829 and Government House. We don’t know why they’re called “99 Steps,” because there’s actually 103 steps. 99 Steps The staircase, made of ballast bricks brought to the islands from Danish ships, was constructed to connect parts of the town. Rumor has it that when the Danish engineers designed the staircase, they hadn’t visited the island and were not aware of its steep and hillyRead more »

Best Beachfront Dining-Iggie’s Beach Bar

Iggie’s Beach Bar It’s legendary…Tuesday night in St Thomas means ALL YOU CAN EAT crab at Iggie’s Beach Bar, located at the Beautiful Bolongo Bay Resort on the east side of St Thomas. Iggie’s Beach Bar is cool in it’s own right…a great little bar and restaurant with tables in the sand. Iggie’s Beach Bar wait staff is incredible–fun and friendly. As you eat, the gentle waves roll up the beach just feet away, so this place is also a candidate for most romantic..but if you like crab, Iggie’s Beach Bar is the Holy Grail. It’s not cheap, but so worth theRead more »

Best Shopping St Thomas

Best Shopping St Thomas St. Thomas is home to world renowned shopping and is one of the largest shopping hubs in the Caribbean. Hundreds of duty free shops line the streets and alleys of the capital, Charlotte Amalie. Multiple buildings in Havensight, where most cruise ships dock house fabulous shops and boutiques. Yacht Haven Grande offers high end luxury shopping with an incredible view of the harbor, however, some of the shops here are not duty-free. The best buys on St. Thomas include jewelry, alcohol, china, crystal, perfumes, art and clothing. Watches and cameras are advertised as great deals, but a lotRead more »

Best Snorkeling in the US Virgin Islands

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands No matter how much time you have to spend in the Virgin Islands, most of it should be spent snorkeling. Why? Because these islands are home to the best snorkeling in the world. Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands – Coki Beach Start at Coki Beach, home of Coral World. Because of the underwater environment surrounding Coral World, a marine sanctuary, you’ll see sea life here that you just won’t see anywhere else. Generally calm, clear waters and a sandy bottom makes Coki Beach easy for anyone to use. The water is typically less than 20 feet deep with noRead more »

Best Beach-Magen’s Bay

Magen’s Bay Magen’s Bay is quite simply the most beautiful place on St.Thomas. Magen’s Bay Park features 68 acres of pristine land–one full mile of white powder sand beach, a six acre arboretum, two acre campground, five acres of coconut groves and fifteen acres of mangroves and wetlands. There’s even a nature trail for hikers, but the real attraction is the beach. It’s absolute paradise. There’s an entrance fee to get into the park ($4 for adults, $2 for kids over 13, children 12 and under are free), but it’s well worth the money. If you’re spending a full day at Magen’sRead more »

Best Attraction-Paradise Point Sky Ride

Paradise Point Sky Ride If you want to see an amazing sunset, the best place is at Paradise Point Sky Ride. As the sun sets over the islands, the lights of the city and the cruise ships come on below you and the island is truly stunning. Paradise Point Sky Ride offers views like nowhere else. Stop at the airport and pick up a coupon book for the buy one/get one free coupon. If you’re staying on island, Wednesday nights are half price, so we recommend Wednesdays if you can’t find a coupon. Regular price is about $20 per person round trip.Read more »

Best Activity-Parasailing

Parasailing It may sound scary, but it’s not!  Parasailing is incredibly peaceful–and the views are nothing short of spectacular. You can go up alone or in tandem, meaning two people are secured to the parachute. First, you’re strapped into a harness, which is very safe and can hold up to 450 lbs. You sit on the back of the boat and the crew releases the line from the hydraulic winch, and you’re gently lifted off the back of the boat and into the air. The parachute opens and up you go!  Most companies use a 600’ towline, so you get up above the surfaceRead more »