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Best Attraction-Coral World Marine Park

Coral World

Coral World’s slogan, “get up close and personal” couldn’t be more appropriate. This marine park and underwater observatory is a wonderful and unexpected surprise. Coral World is built on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful coral reefs, so you’ll see tons of marine life without ever getting wet.

Coral World

The exhibits at Coral World are unique and interactive. Visit the shark pool where you can pet a shark or hand feed a stingray. Visit with the Lorikeets–small parakeet-like birds–that will sit on your arm or shoulder when offered a cup of nectar. If you really want to interact with sealife, Coral World is one of few places that allow you to swim with the sea lions or try a Sea Trek Helmet Dive. When you are ready to relax, have lunch at one of their delicious restaurants and shop for a special souvenir at one of the unique gift shops. The staff at Coral World is really passionate about sea life and all very knowledgable. It’s a fantastic experience for about $20 a person–kids a little less.

Coral World was the second marine park developed by Coral World International. It was planned and developed personally by Mr. Morris Kahn in the late 1970’s. Coral World opened to the public in 1978 and immediately became the No. 1 tourist attraction in St. Thomas. Coral World Marine Park in St. Thomas incorporates all the world famous features: Marine Museum, Shark, Stingray and Turtle Pools, Touch Pools, and naturally – The Underwater Observatory.

Coral World in St. Thomas was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and was fully renovated by Coral World International. In 1995, Coral World was hit again by Hurricanes Marilyn and Louis, and badly damaged. Following these Hurricanes, Coral World International decided to sell the park to local entrepreneurs. Soon after, the park reopened and continues to operate under the “Coral World” title. You can visit Coral World St. Thomas on-line by clicking www.coralworldvi.comCoral World St Thomas

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