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46 Sea Ray St Thomas Boat RentalIt’s true that St. Thomas is a US territory, but just a stone’s throw away are the British Virgin Islands. Literally 10 minutes by boat, the British Virgin Islands are the most incredibly beautiful chain of islands anywhere, and they’re all very different. The best way to get there is on a boat from Beach Bum Boat Rentals. 

Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands (there are about 60 total), but is home to the world’s best beach bars and most gorgeous beaches. The best way to get to these islands is by boat.  Rent a captained day boat in St. Thomas from Beach Bum Boat Rentals and enjoy the sights! You’ll jet across crystal clear waters, seeing gorgeous beaches and amazing sea life on your short ride to Great Harbour, home of Foxy’s Bar. If you charter with Beach Bum Boat Rentals, your captain will clear customs at Great Harbour while you enjoy a drink or relax in the hammocks at Foxy’s.

Even though it’s a short trip, you will now be in a foreign country, so each member of your party will need a valid passport. Customs charges about $40 per person, and they only take cash, so be aware when you book your day boat charter that everyone is required to go through this process. It only takes about 20 minutes to clear if you have everything in order.

From Foxy’s, cruise over to White Bay, probably the most famous beach on Jost Van Dyke. White Bay is stunningly beautiful, and is home to the Soggy Dollar Bar. Getting to the Soggy Dollar is a lot of fun. There’s no dock, so anyone arriving by boat jumps into the water and swims to the bar–hence, the name, Soggy Dollar! You can relax in a hammock, lie on the beach or play the Ring Game. The Ring Game is simple enough–a ring is tied to a string that hangs from a tree. The goal is get the ring on the hook–not as easy as it sounds! No one really knows how the game started, but the stories are more interesting than the game. Some claim the pirate BlackBeard and his crew played the ring game using the bones of their victims on the deck of their sloop. Other stories say that pirates created the game in local bars as a drinking game. What’s the goal–get the ring on the hook and get a shot of rum!

capt zach sparrow Pirates Paradise AdventuresNext, check out Tortola, the largest of the island chain. This is the most populated island of the BVIs, and the largest town is Road Town. Road Town offers great shopping and dining, but the real star here are the beaches and snorkeling. Cane Garden Bay is a gorgeous beach with palm trees for shade, powder soft white sand, a very gradual slope with long, gentle waves. Plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels dot the sand, so you won’t have to go far for services. It is the most popular beach on Tortola, so when the cruise ships are in, it can get very crowded. This is an excellent swimming beach, but not much for snorkeling.

For snorkeling, head to Smuggler’s Cove. Smuggler’s Cove is hard to reach by car, but by sea, well, she’s all yours. There’s room for just a few boats to anchor, so get here early. There’s a stunning coral bank about 100 feet off shore. In fact, parts of the 1990 movie remake of ‘Old Man & The Sea” starring Anthony Quinn were filmed at Smuggler’s Cove.

Next, a trip to the British Virgin Islands isn’t complete without a visit to the Caves and Indians. On Norman Island, an uninhabited island that was the inspiration for the book “Treasure Island,” you’ll find three caves, all very different. These caves are said to be home to undiscovered hidden treasure, although none has been found there in recent past. It’s a fantastic snorkeling spot, and the caves each offer a different experience. One has a sandy bottom, one has a river rock bottom and the third has beautiful red and orange corals growing on the rock ceiling.

If you don’t have a passport, a day boat charter is still the best way to see the islands. Travel to Water Island, just off the coast of St. Thomas, where you can visit Honeymoon Beach and Fort Segarra, an underground fort partially constructed by the U.S during World War II. Travel around the east side of St. Thomas to Cow and Calf for snorkeling or diving. Cow and Calf are located off the southeast coast of St. Thomas. The two largest rocks that break the water’s surface, they are said to look like whales–a cow and her calf. This area is home to dramatic ledges, wide canyons and large caves. Visit the Mangrove lagoon to see upside down jellyfish, juvenile barracuda, schools of snapper, pelicans and sea birds. On the north side of the island, visit Magen’s Bay, a naturally protected one mile stretch of beach that offers very calm waters perfect for swimming.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.33.43 AMTake the short hop over to beautiful St. John and visit the North shore. Stop at Hawksnest Beach for fantastic snorkeling just feet from the shore of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. At Trunk Bay, you can snorkel the national park’s underwater snorkeling trail, with underwater signs providing a wealth of interesting information about sea life, plants and corals in the area. Motor to the southside of the island and visit Eagle Shoal, a dive site accessible only by boat. Overhangs, tunnels, arches and an overwhelming number of fish are hallmarks of this site. You’ll see schools of parrotfish, porkfish, snapper, grouper, durgons and barracuda.

The islands offer so much to see that you really do need your own boat to take you to the places you most want to visit. That’s why renting a day boat charter from Beach Bum Boat Rentals is the number one thing to do when you visit the Virgin Islands.

Beach Bum Boat Rentals

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