St. Thomas Skyride

Best Attraction-Paradise Point Sky Ride

Paradise Point Sky Ride

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 1.15.11 PMIf you want to see an amazing sunset, the best place is at Paradise Point Sky Ride. As the sun sets over the islands, the lights of the city and the cruise ships come on below you and the island is truly stunning. Paradise Point Sky Ride offers views like nowhere else. Stop at the airport and pick up a coupon book for the buy one/get one free coupon. If you’re staying on island, Wednesday nights are half price, so we recommend Wednesdays if you can’t find a coupon. Regular price is about $20 per person round trip. The Paradise Point Sky Ride is an enclosed gondola that fits about 8 people comfortably. It takes about 10 minutes for the gondola to climb from sea level to the look out at 700 feet. When you arrive at Paradise Point, you’ll find shops, a restaurant and bar which is famous for the “Bushwacker,” a frozen drink made with Bailey’s. At Happy Hour, there’s live music and dancing, and even a bird show three times a day–but the real reason to take the Paradise Point Sky ride is the view. It’s simply incredible.

If the idea of riding a gondola is too much for you, take a taxi to the top, but whatever you do, don’t miss the view!

Paradise Point Sky Ride

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