Best Snorkeling in the US Virgin Islands

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands

No matter how much time you have to spend in the Virgin Islands, most of it should be spent snorkeling. Why? Because these islands are home to the best snorkeling in the world.

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands – Coki Beach

Start at Coki Beach, home of Coral World. Because of the underwater environment surrounding Coral World, a marine sanctuary, you’ll see sea life here that you just won’t see anywhere else. Generally calm, clear waters and a sandy bottom makes Coki Beach easy for anyone to use. The water is typically less than 20 feet deep with no current, so it’s great for beginners. You’ll see beautiful, colorful corals, schools of angelfish, parrotfish, yellow tail, snapper,sargent majors, octopus, rays and more.

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands – Sapphire Beach

Next, stop at Sapphire Beach on the east end of St Thomas. Sapphire Beach has a lot of reefs that are home to an unbelievable array of tropical fish–but the best part of Sapphire Beach is the grassy bottom that is home to hundreds–even thousands of turtles and rays! You’ll see bay rays, spotted eagle rays and even conch shells. Swim out to the small island off the beach, called Shark Island, and you’ll find a conch shell graveyard, lobsters, and maybe a shark or two. We recommend keeping your distance!

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands – Trunk Bay

St John Trunk Bay underwater coral fan Take the ferry or charter a day boat and head to St. John. Stop at Trunk Bay and snorkel the National Park snorkel trail. It’s a self-guided snorkel trail with underwater signage telling you all about the sea life that’s indigenous to the area.

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands Cinnamon Bay

Next, visit Cinnamon Bay, a colonized patch reef with a variety of corals, sponges and colorful parrotfish. The beach is incredibly gorgeous and rarely crowded. It’s home to a campground, so you’ll find clean restrooms, showers, a water sports activity center and even a general store.

The waters surrounding St. Thomas are teeming with fish, corals, sponges and amazing sea life. You almost can’t go wrong, but we recommend Coki Beach and Sapphire as the two best places to snorkel on St. Thomas.

Best Snorkeling Virgin Islands

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  1. [...] warm crystal clear waters. This beach is great for swimming only; it lacks the reefs that create a great snorkeling environment, which means you’ll find just soft sand. Relax in the gentle waters and sip a cool [...]

  2. [...] Next, check out Tortola, the largest of the island chain. This is the most populated island of the BVIs, and the largest town is Road Town. Road Town offers great shopping and dining, but the real star here are the beaches and snorkeling. Cane Garden Bay is a gorgeous beach with palm trees for shade, powder soft white sand, a very gradual slope with long, gentle waves. Plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels dot the sand, so you won’t have to go far for services. It is the most popular beach on Tortola, so when the cruise ships are in, it can get very crowded. This is an excellent swimming beach, but not much for snorkeling. [...]

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